“Hoping Something Better Comes Tomorrow…”

Well, this is it! I finished my exams, and (technically) I’m a sophomore! I just have to stick around in my empty Residence Hall until Sunday because I’m playing bassoon in the commencement ceremony. UGH.


And then I get to go and do fun stuff over the summer! Like work in the art department at Darice Inc., volunteer at the Cleveland Metroparks, and play bassoon in the community band.

Here’s my list of fun stuff goals:

  1. Start Watching Sherlock. I’ve been using Benedict Cumberbatch gifs on Tumblr, and I need to actually justify them now.
  2. Complete my Steamstuck Tavros costume.
  3. Finish writing book 2 and 3 of the Elf Detectives stories.
  4. Get my new glasses (now with 20% MORE hipster!)
  5. Go to the Medieval Faire with Sean (my morail) and Ashly (my best friend)
  6. Document a bunch of awesome shit.

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