Come on Sister, have yourself a ball…

Back at school again.


What’s new..hmmn…

I….changed my concentration! It was geology before, but now it’s public safety. (I’m an environmental science major) I wanted to work with brownfields and cleanup sites, so public safety is the way to go. I love the environment as a whole, but if we learn to protect ourselves in an environmentally friendly manner, then we can fix our mistakes and maybe push ourselves further.


My mom and I made a compost bin in our backyard, and my mom loves it! So it’s actually gonna be taken care of while I’m gone. She has two bins in the kitchen she fills with scraps, and my brother now gets the job of picking up all the grass clippings off the yard after we mow the grass. We have a wheelbarrow, so it’s not that big of a problem.


I opened an etsy store! I’m on vacation now, so I can focus on school. But I want to open a new one to go along side the one I have now. I make beaded jewelry in Pelenque Pretties, but I also have a lot of recipes for homemade, natural beauty products that I’d like to sell. I need a good store name, though. You know, something that actually goes with Pelenque Pretties.


I’m hoping to join the Student Green Fund at school, because my god, why haven’t I joined it yet? I’m not doing so hot as an Environmental Science student if I don’t even help turn off all the extra lights in the campus buildings.


My boyfriend just got his first apartment! I’m so excited for him 🙂 His roommate is really cool, and from the general Cleveland area, too, so we were able to talk about the West Side Market, and stuff. Cleveland isn’t as bad as you all think it is, people. Every city has a bad neighborhood. Cleveland just has a big one. There are other parts that are really nice, like University Circle, and the Market, and the Playhouse district. I think West 6th street is ok, I have no idea. I’m too young for the bar scene, and I don’t have anyone to go with anyway 😛

But anyway, yeah, Andy got an apartment. It’s pretty nice, and I plan on making some food for him, since he has a stove and I know how to make cheesy biscuits and pull apart garlic bread and stuff. I have a kitchen too, in the main area of my building, but I don’t have any pots and pans to even cook things in. You can rent them out from the main desk, but…..ew.


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